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A little laughter goes a long way…

What’s a chimney sweep’s most common ailment?

The flue.

Have a great day folks!




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That’s business…


On September 1st our rates will be going up for the first time in two years. We currently charge $140 for a standard masonry chimney, and $160 for an insert or wood burning stove ¬†(including an inspection!)- which is below average. So, while we don’t necessarily want to be like everyone else, sometimes being average is a good thing. So, our new rates will be:

Standard Masonry Fireplace: $150 (90 minutes)

Wood Burning Stove or Insert: $180 (2 Р4 hours)

BUT, if you book your sweep BEFORE September 1st we will give you our current rate! So, call or book online now.