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Summer Sweeps

Avoid the Fall Rush and get your chimney swept this summer! Keeping your chimney clean is vital to health and well-being of your family, your home and our beautiful Colorado environment. Book an appointment today by calling 303.968.0036.



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I wasn’t kidding when I said we will get busy…

With yesterday’s snow stormĀ  we had 26 missed calls today…and now we are booked through November! Call us now if you want to be swept before the winter holidays! @alpinechimneyco #alpinechimneysweep

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chimney sweep in a drum

alpine chimney sweep, chimney sweeps, Colorado, fireplaces, Uncategorized, wood burning

Chimney Sweep Humor…

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Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a very merry holiday season! When burning that yule tide log, make sure to follow our tips for Clean, Efficient and Safe Burning…

– Start your fire small and towards the back of your fireplace usingĀ dried pine cones/ needles or kindling

– Burn only dry pine or hard wood

– Never burn treated lumber or coal

– Avoid burning large amounts of paper, such as junk mail

– Clean the cooled ash from your fireplace regularly

– Keep the hearth clear of flammables, and a fire extinguisher nearby

– Have your chimney swept & inspected regularly…Santa really appreciates it!