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Summer Sweeps

Avoid the Fall Rush and get your chimney swept this summer! Keeping your chimney clean is vital to health and well-being of your family, your home and our beautiful Colorado environment. Book an appointment today by calling 303.968.0036.



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I say it every year about this time…

While some consider them cute and fuzzy…I seriously doubt that you want them living in your chimney. Call today to get your chimney cleaned and capped! 303.968.0036 #alpinechimneysweep @alpinechimneyco

critters in chimney

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That’s business…


On September 1st our rates will be going up for the first time in two years. We currently charge $140 for a standard masonry chimney, and $160 for an insert or wood burning stove  (including an inspection!)- which is below average. So, while we don’t necessarily want to be like everyone else, sometimes being average is a good thing. So, our new rates will be:

Standard Masonry Fireplace: $150 (90 minutes)

Wood Burning Stove or Insert: $180 (2 – 4 hours)

BUT, if you book your sweep BEFORE September 1st we will give you our current rate! So, call or book online now.




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Oh Monday…

We’re so inspired by Monday! We love Monday! We’re not thinking about Friday at all. (This is called, “positive self talk.”) Mondays are beautiful…and well, we are doing what we love by helping families keep their home cozy and warm. Give me an M, give me an O, give me an N…Okay, give me a cup a coffee and have a great day – even though it’s Monday.



chimney sweep in a drum

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Chimney Sweep Humor…