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Summer Sweeps

Avoid the Fall Rush and get your chimney swept this summer! Keeping your chimney clean is vital to health and well-being of your family, your home and our beautiful Colorado environment. Book an appointment today by calling 303.968.0036.





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Chimney Sweep Art, Part XXIII

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A message of love…

We firmly believe that love can change the world…but what does this look like? How can a chimney sweep company put love into the world? After a long, middle-of-the-night conversation in the wake of our national crisis of hate breeding more hate, we decided that we can show our love in many different ways, since hugging our clients might be a little awkward. Here are a few things we came up with…

  1. As a company, we love our community by offering top-quality, affordable service that truly has your best interest and safety in mind.
  2. We can put love into the world by offering a smile and a firm handshake at every appointment.
  3. We show our love by scheduling sweeps in the same neighborhood on the same day – we don’t like adding to Denver’s poor air quality by driving more than necessary.
  4. Being loving also looks like having respect for the critters and kids of our clients…while we can’t help making noise with the vacuum, we take steps to insure that we give fair warning that it will be noisy.
  5. We love the earth and respect the resources it provides for us – we use renewable energy from Xcel, recycled paper and twice used paper bags from King Soopers to dispose of ash and coals. We also recently upgraded our work truck to one that gets much better fuel economy.
  6. Ultimately, being a loving company means not being afraid to say…”We love you! We care about you! You are part of our community and we appreciate working with you!”

How can you put your love into the world?



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Happy Monday!